Turning a $1,600 Investment Into a $40k Gain With Home Styling

by | Dec 3, 2020

I recently had the pleasure of styling a home for a client who didn’t have a lot of experience buying and selling houses. They were quite nervous about the process and wanted to make it as easy as possible. With our basic home styling package using mostly their own furniture, the value of their home rose by $42,000.

The home styling process

Our clients did an amazing job of preparing their home for sale. We helped them paint over a few bright feature walls to bring in more neutral tones. They thoroughly cleaned the house, including the grout in the tiles (professionally), and added some new blinds where necessary.

Decluttering was also one of the keys to the bold transformation that took place. They really took our advice about what should stay and what should go. The kid’s toys were a tough one, but when they removed most of the toys the kids didn’t seem to miss them. And they actually wanted to keep their rooms tidy as they loved the new look so much!

The valuation

The agent initially valued our client’s home at $480,000. The client and the bank were happy with this valuation, as this gave them enough to buy their dream home in another suburb closer to their kid’s school.

However, after the home styling was completed the agent was very pleasantly surprised. The new valuation was now somewhere in the vicinity of $520,000. As you can imagine, the owners were excited about this new valuation but knew that the market was slow and that it may take time to find a buyer.

The property hit the market mid-week, and by the weekend they had several offers and accepted one above the $520K price point. They exchanged contracts at $522,000 early the following week, and the sale is now unconditional.

Their investment in styling was a total of $1,600.

The uplift to the value of their home was $42,000

That’s a return on their investment of 2,600%. Yes, you read that right, it’s 26 times their initial investment.

This was an amazing result, and we don’t always see these kinds of returns. But they do happen, and it’s awesome to be a part of.

I believe this property hit the market at the perfect time, and the vendors were realistic about their expectations. Together with the presentation of the property, it was the perfect storm!

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