The Cost of Not Staging Your Home

by | Dec 3, 2020

These days, buyers expect your home to look amazing and for your property to be in pristine condition. Do you know what the cost of NOT staging your home is? It could be higher than you think.

The theory behind staging your home is to create an emotional connection between your prospective buyers and your property. It can be tough for prospective buyers to see themselves living in your home if your personal belongings are scattered throughout the house. Home staging also shows buyers how they could utilise the space and gives them an idea of how much room there is.

If you’re selling an investment property that is now vacant, it’s critical to put furniture into the property. This is because empty rooms actually look smaller! Buyers will question whether their queen or king-size bed will fit into a bedroom, or if their modular sofa will fit in the living room. By adding appropriately sized furniture to the space, you eliminate that worry for them. Staging your home also makes it feel more inviting and welcoming. Professional stagers are qualified in interior design and have been trained in how to best place furniture for maximum effect.


A home staging case study

A recent case study in the Lake Macquarie area shows that styling can mean a difference in sale price of up to $135,000. Yes, this is a real scenario.

Here are the details

  • Both properties are 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and have a 2 car garage
  • Both properties were built around the same time – 90’s builds
  • Neither property has had updates to kitchens or bathrooms
  • Both are in quiet cul-de-sac locations
  • The layout of both homes is almost identical

The result

The first property sold for $555,000 (10 Jan, 2019).

And the second property sold for an amazing $690,000 (22 Nov, 2018).

Again, that’s a difference of $135,000.

And the proof

Both front facades are similar:

The floor plan is almost IDENTICAL!

Both kitchens are in their original state and have not been renovated:

Both bathrooms are original and have not been renovated:

Here are some pictures of the other rooms of the house.

The first property had only a few pictures of the main living areas and bedrooms:

The second property had multiple photos and was staged:

Case study 1 - house 2 dining
Case study 1 - house 2 living
Case study 1 - house 2 bedroom
Case study 1 - house 2 bedroom
Case study 1 - house 2 bedroom
Case study 1 - house 2 bedroom

As you can see, when you create that emotional connection for the buyer the results can be spectacular!

When it comes to selling your home or investment property, presentation can mean the difference between a quick sale or having the property sit on the market for months. Staging your home also ensures that you achieve a premium price.

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