What You Need to Know About Choosing a Property Stylist

by | Dec 3, 2020

Choosing the right property stylist will increase your home’s appeal to buyers, consequently increasing the value of your sale. Research has even shown that beautifully styled properties, with the right size and style of furniture, fetch the maximum price on the market. If you choose not to stage your property, you could end up losing tens of thousands of dollars off your sale price.

Once you’ve got a variety of quotes from property stylists, it’s time to decide who’s right for the job.

How to choose a property stylist

Different property stylists use different pricing models, making it difficult to compare quotes. When choosing a stylist it’s essential to consider more than just price. Rather than looking at how much the service is going to cost you, look at what the property stylist can do for you. Styling will increase the value of your property, as well as secure a faster sale.  Remember, high-quality staging is an investment, not a cost.

Make sure that you understandly exactly what you’re getting for your money. When looking at your quotes, remember to compare apples to apples. What might seem cheaper at first, might not be when you crunch the numbers. Is the property stylist offering 4, 5, or 6 weeks of staging? Are all the bedrooms staged, or only 2 of the 4?

Your cheapest quote might be for a company that provides poor quality furniture and doesn’t bring the wow factor. Are you prepared to risk having 2nd rate staging? If there’s a difference of a few hundred dollars, then I would suggest choosing the stylist that resonates with you, rather than the one who costs the least. Which one are you most drawn to when looking through their portfolio of work?

Looking at previous work

My top tip for choosing a property stylist that’s right for you is to look at their previous work. Review their website and portfolio of previous projects. You can also look at their social media to see if their overall style appeals to you. Does their aesthetic match the look and feel of your house? Remember, if you love your property, then your buyers will most likely love it too!

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