Colour Consultations

Book a Colour Consultation with us and remove the stress of selecting colours that make your home shine.

Choosing a colour scheme for your home can be a difficult decision. And the stakes are high! If you’re not happy with your final choice, it can be a long-term (not to mention expensive) problem to rectify.

Avoid the stress and the uncertainty by working with an expert colour consultant to find the perfect palette to suit your home and lifestyle.

We provide colour consultations for interior colour schemes and finishes, exterior colour schemes and finishes, paint selection, and choice of hard surfaces including stone benchtops, laminates, tiles, and flooring materials.

What does a colour consultant do?

As a Colour Consultant I specialise in using colour to create a mood or feeling in a space. Using combinations of colours can be a challenge, but I can create the look and mood you’re after by utilising the science of colours.

What do I get?

Our Colour Consultant will email you a report after your consultation, outlining our recommendations of paint colours for each surface, as well as trims and complementary colours. You can be confident that your colour scheme will work in your home and you can (finally!) buy paint with confidence, knowing you’ll love the end result.

We come to you

Our Colour Consultant will meet you on-site in the space that you are designing the colour scheme for. This way we can see the space and how much natural light it gets, so we can choose a palette that you’ll love.

How long will it take?

On average, a Colour Consultation takes between 1-2 hours. This will depend on the size and design of your home and how much help you need.

Why do you need a colour consultation?

With vision as our most dominant sense, it’s no wonder colour is critical when it comes to designing our homes and workplaces.

Have you ever admired the colour scheme of homes and thought you would like to recreate it in your own home? But you’re not really sure how to pull it all together?

Ever painted a wall and then immediately regretted it? Was the end result different to the colour you’d imagined it?

Find it hard to choose colours for accessories that work together?

It can be so frustrating, but this is when a Colour Consultation can help.

Did you know? Colours change!

How colours change


If it’s a bright space that gets lots of natural light, it will appear lighter in colour. If it’s a dark room- maybe one that has a small window or that doesn’t get a lot of natural light- then the colour will appear darker


Surrounding colours

Depending on the colours of other walls and surrounding furniture, a colour may appear different as it is reflected off other surfaces


Gloss level

High gloss finishes reflect more light, and matt surfaces absorb the light.



If a wall is textured the colour will have shadows and will appear darker.